Precautions for the maintenance and wearing of rubies

Ruby, a gem with many amazing hues, can satisfy all your interpretations of red. Whether it’s blood red or soft like cotton candy, these lovely gems attract us year after year with seductive hues.

For centuries, rubies have been admired by cultures all over the world. History records the transportation and trade of rubies along the Silk Road in China, before 200 AD. The Bible mentions rubies countless times and shows that the ancient Romans believed that rubies had the ability to protect the wearer from harm, inspire courage and instill passion. Therefore, to this day, rubies are still one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. A gem with the magic of love, how to properly wear and maintain it has become the primary issue.

What we need to know about wearing is:

The ruby corundum species are very tough gems. It is easy to pass the test of daily wear. But it should also be noted that rubies, like any gemstone, may chip or break due to blunt impact. When the ruby ​​is installed on a ring or bracelet, the probability of impact is greatly increased. Therefore, remove ruby ​​jewelry before participating in strenuous exercise and housework.

In terms of maintenance, today IGA will teach you 7 tips for maintaining rubies

1.Because ruby is very hard, foreign matter will accumulate on the surface, causing the appearance to fade or become cloudy.

Before putting on the jewelry, you should use lotion, perfume and spray, in order to keep the ruby away from foreign materials.

2.When cleaning the foreign materials on the surface of ruby, Just mix in warm water and mild soapy water to wash.

Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the ruby and jewelry holders. Then immediately rinse with clean warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth to achieve a sparkling effect.

3.The high-end jewelry counters of most department stores provide instructions specifically for cleaning jewelry. Follow label instructions carefully.

4.For dead corners that cannot be manually cleaned, an ultrasonic cleaner can be selected for cleaning. (This suggestion is only for Ruby)

5.If you find any looseness of the gemstone jewelry, please take it to the jewelry store immediately and check whether it is loose under magnification.

Those who wear jewelry must go to the jewelry store regularly to check whether the gemstones are loose, so as to avoid losses.

6.Jewelry repair is an extremely delicate work, do not try to repair it yourself, so as not to cause irreparable damage.

7.Avoid putting ruby in containers or bags with other gems. Keep them separate as much as possible to prevent damage to the ruby itself or other gems of lower hardness.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of gems can keep your rubies in a bright and sparkling state.